b'ISSUE 8INGEARDAF DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER KITENSURE MAXIMUM PERFORMANCEFROM YOUR DAFDiesel Particulate Filters collect the soot Guaranteed forcreated when diesel is burned, preventing harmful particles from being released intothe service lifethe atmosphere. Capturing these particlesAdvanced cleaningmakes a huge improvement in air quality forprogramme people working around vehicles and wholive in urban areas with busy roads nearby.Wall Flow FilterThe DAF DPF kit ensuresintervals betweenation efficiency High filtrthe clean operation ofcleaning. In addition,your DAF trucks whilstwe use a range of Includes all gaskets delivering maximuminspection technologies 12 month warranty performance andto investigate the efficiency from your fleet. condition of the DPF We use a uniqueafter cleaning. ENGINE FITMENTPART NO.cleaning technology This provides to provide outstandingreassurance that the MX-11 / MX-13 ENGINE 2137441Rcleaning performance,filter has been cleaned delivering significantsuccessfully and can bePX-5 ENGINE 2137442Rbenefits in terms of re-fitted with confidence,PX-7 ENGINE 2137443Rfuel consumption andand is backed by ourensuring the correct12 month warranty.A DAF X-TEND CLUTCH CANSAVE YOU MONEYIN THE LONG RUNAll fleets need to control their spend carefully, so why do many choose a more expensive option when purchasing a replacement clutch?Sometimes the cheapest option The extra deep clutch plate can70% more plate depth offering built-in is not necessarily the best choice,deliver up to 70% extra operationallongevity that will save money over theand can work out more expensiveuse, and for many haulage businessslife of the clutchover time. And this is why the DAFthat make multiple deliveries aSelf adjusting for consistent performance/ X-Tend clutch is worth consideringday, or operate in off-road situations,pedal travel reduces undue wear and tear when you need a replacement this can make a huge differenceclutch on your DAF. in uptime. and maximises driver comfortSpecifically designed and Moreover, fleets that are Maintenance free to substantially cuttuned for DAF drivelines, the currently running their vehicles down on maintenance costs and reduce X-Tend clutch offers maximumover a longer period of time will vehicle downtimeabsorption of vibrations, features reap the benefits of fitting the a heavy duty plate, and the X-Tend clutch in place of cheaper 2 year warranty for added reassurancerelease assembly is self-adjusting alternatives over the life of theand peace-of-mindfor extra wear compensation. vehicle.*Check with your DAF Dealer who can give specific advice onfitting an X-Tend clutch to any DAF vehicle.'